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Keen K9®, where your keen dog learns through motivational positive reinforcement. A good part of instruction and learning is in the form of games both you and your dog enjoy together. Available in-home, group sessions, walk & train, or any combination. For further information, please call 1-844-4KEENK9 or click here.


The relationship between dogs and their caregivers forms a unique bond. While away at work or on vacation, we fill in the gap. All sitters are behavior and CPR Emergency Certified, fully insured KEEN K9® Professionals providing state-of-the-art tools such as photos, private video, GPS Tracking, and daily reports.


Walking is an ideal time for both exercise and training. Choose between individual on or off-leash GPS monitored walks or group walks with other temperment-tested friendly dogs. Your keen dog travels in style in a state-of-the-art transport vehicle to ensure everyone has a enjoyable day from start to finish! 


House training a puppy can be a challenge if you are not available for outings throughout the day. KEEN K9® offers In-home puppy visits scheduled according to your puppy’s needs. Generally a young dog needs to go out once for every month of age. At 2-3 months, your sitter will arrive every 2 hours. 


Keen K9 Dog Training

Keen Dog Training


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Behavior modification increases or decreases a desired or unwanted behavior. As in any field of study, methods used in behavior modification vary from one behaviorist and/or trainer to the next. Be sure to ask whether aversive or non-aversives are used. This will help you gain a better understanding of the way in which your dog will be handled. Keen K9® Dog Training is a force-free positive reinforcement training program. We do not use shock collars, choke chains, pinch collars, or other such “tools”.




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