Dog Sports - Dog Sledding


Dog sledding isn’t just about the Iditarod anymore. Any dog, any breed can take part. Yes, that’s right, even a Chihuahua if the sled is scaled to size. Recreational competition. Year-round dryland and snow sledding.

Dog Sports - Agility


Agility is a sport that can be recreational or competitive depending on your preference. The course is made up of a series of obstacles including tunnels,  jumps, see-saws and other hurdles. Your job is to help your dog navigate the course, while completing the run as fast and accurately as possible. All seasons.

Dog Sports - Dock Jumping


Dock jumping is a lot of fun and probably one of the safest dog sports. There isn’t any pressure on the joints and landing in water is a nice finish. For the most part, any dog, size or breed, can participate. May-September.


Dog Sports - Sheep Herding 

Some dogs, especially herding breeds are born with herding in their genes, and some just enjoy the challenge. We begin with a test for inate ability, followed up by ducks trained for starting new dogs. Focus is on positioning, technique (no-contact), and confidence. Sessions available May through October.

Dog Sports - Disc Dogs


Disc dogs team up with human disc throwers who practice technique, while dogs practice speed and focus. Also known as Frisbee. Sled teams pack snow in the winter so disc dogs are able to participate year-round, weather permitting.

Dog Sports - Scent games


A dog’s nose is controlled by of over 300 million olfactory receptors, which is 240 million more than human receptors, as well as 40 times more adept at analyzing scents. It’s no wonder dogs love scent games! We offer sessions twice a week. Dogs grouped by size and temperament. All seasons.