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Puppy foundations, ages 8 weeks through 18 months, where puppies learn the basics. Instruction includes sit, lie down, stay, come, and loose leash walking. Special attention to house training, learning when to and when not to jump up, nipping alternatives, socialization, and gentle body handling. 

Your puppy is developing social skills as well as adapting to a variety of environments. These sessions focus on safe and fear-free experiences.

Adolescent social skills. Puppies are building relationships while preparing for the world outside. 18 months+ 




KEEN K9 Dog Training for dogs of all ages. Puppy classes are grouped by age, adult sessions by size and temperment. 





Whether your keen dog participates in sports, therapy, service, or as a member of the family, training begins with basic obedience in private, group and real-world settings.

Prevention of behavior issues is ideal, but when not possible, we are here to help. Motivational reward-based positive reinforcement is highly effective for dogs who have missed milestones. 

KEEN K9 is a force-free training program. Our online helpdesk is available to provide quality instruction and support to help you meet your training goals.

Jumping up
Excessive barking
Destructive chewing
Inappropriate digging
House soiling
Aggressive behavior
Separation Anxiety