Dog Training RecessDog Training with Keen Dog Training d/b/a KEEN K9® we do our best to provide advice and guidance about training your keen dog.

If attending classes is not convenient, we offer online keen dog training. Prior experience is not necessary.

Building trust and engagement is essential before new skills can be learned.

Dogs learn by association and good consequences. By offering high value treats, a favorite tug toy, praise, or anything that motivates your dog, facilitates learning new skills.

*Electronic collars can lead to avoidance and fear. Learn about the Shock Free Coalition

Play is one of the best ways to teach new skills.

The best way to measure how well your dog learns is by keeping a log. When your dog repeats the same skill multiple times, you can be sure of learning from previous experiences.

Practice again and again, while adding distractions, distance and duration.


Always start with the lowest level of distraction. If working with down and stay, make sure your dog is consistent before attempting the same skill with distractions. This includes introducing other dogs, balls, people, etc.

Sometimes we can even be the distraction reaching for a treat prematurely.

If attending classes is not convenient, we offer online training. Our program is designed for all levels. Prior experience is not necessary.