New Year Safety Tips

A Happy New Year for Keen dogs!

While many celebrate the coming of  the New Year, some keen dogs and other pets rather have a quiet evening at home.

Unaware and often unprepared for the dangers associated with fear of loud sounds, many revelers spend the days following the festivities in search of their lost dog. Because fireworks and loud sounds ignite more than an array of beautiful colors in the sky, runaway dogs are not uncommon during the holidays. This is primarily due to the fact that fearful dogs often react with a flight response.


Prevention is key:

  1. Dogs are happiest in a safe home environment. So think twice before taking your dog to New Year’s Celebrations, especially if there will be fireworks. 
  2. If the party is at your home, set up a “safe zone” to separats your dogs from food and alcohol.
  3. Keep your dog and pet’s name tag current even if microchipped.
  4. If your dog escapes from your home, call their name and follow carefully. Whatever you do, DO NOT chase because a fearful dog will often run further away rather than toward you. Put down high value food along a path to guide your dog back home. 
  5. Prevention is the key when it comes to ringing in a safe and happy new year.