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Learning what is expected is the first step in becoming a Keen K9 ….

Imagine if most of your daily activities began with stop or no! For example, from a dog’s point of view, turning over the trash is a good thing. Not only are there good things to eat, there’s attention. A dog will often do almost anything for attention. If punishment follows, they often learn to do these things when you are not paying attention. Years ago, the recommendation for a  dog who jumped up was to simply ignore the behavior. It worked, but wouldn’t it be better to teach an alternate behavior?

For e.g. when you see your dog doing something good, why not praise, treat; praise some more.

Meeting in the Middle

The takeaway is that dogs are generally easy to train. All it takes is providing clear instructions and adjusting expectations. Keen K9 training partners mission is to help humans understand dogs and dogs understand humans expectations.