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Running with keen dogs… Keen K9

It all began with a team of border collies, living vicariously in open water, or quietly observing the goings on between a tortoise and a dog. It’s probably similar to those mesmerized while watching professional sports. It’s how many of us feel about our dogs. Imagine when in sync just how different life could be…


Without ascribing human characteristics, there is compelling evidence that dogs and humans have many similar characteristics. Will dogs ever solve the mystery of the universe, well… neither will fish climb trees, at least not in our lifetime. Every species intelligence and sentience is dependent on physiological characteristics.  It is one reason science-based training is most effective.

For example imagine if most of your daily activities started with the word stop or no! or worse… It could cause loss of motivation at the very least, yet it is how many dogs spend their lives. From the same dog’s perspective, turning over the trash is a good thing. Not only are rewards of tasty morsels within, the simple act commands your attention and attention is a good thing. Most dogs will often do almost anything for any kind of attention. If punishment ensues, they simply wait until you are out of sight. Years ago, when a dog  jumped, their people were advised to simply ignore the behavior. It worked, but dogs treated this way often lost their joie de vivre. A better solution is to teach an alternate behavior.

For e.g. when you “catch” your dog doing something good, why not praise, treat, and praise some more. I’ve never met a dog who didn’t respond.

Meeting in the Middle

Dogs will be dogs. There are just some activities we find less than okay. Take eating feces for example. I know dogs who faster than a speeding…, more powerful than… There is a solution to coprophagia, similar to issue with trash; simply make sure the delicacy is unavailable at all times.

Fortunately, practice makes perfect. The takeaway is that dogs are so easy to train. All it takes is providing clear instructions and adjusting expectations. The result is any dog can become keen on listening to their people anywhere, any time, in any environment! … Keen K9 training partners mission is to launch…