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y dIt all began living vicariously among a team of border collies. Some swimmer in open water, others quietly observing the goings on between a tortoise and a dog. Without a common language, communication was shared through body movement, facial expression, tone sign language (dog who was deaf), and more.


There is compelling evidence that dogs and humans share many similar characteristics. Every species intelligence is dependent on physiological characteristics.  It is one reason science-based training is so effective.

For example imagine if most of your daily activities started with the someone calling out STOP! or NO! if you didn’t understand the problem. You may become so confused that you are unable to try anything at all, yet it is how many dogs spend their lives; i.e. from a dog’s perspective, turning over the bin is a good thing. Not only are rewards of tasty morsels within, they get your attention and attention. Most dogs love any kind of attention. If followed by punishment, they may simply wait until you are out of sight. In face, it was once thought that when a dog  jumped up, they should simply be ignored, and although this method often works, a dog treated this way may lose their joie de vivre. A better solution is to teach an alternate behavior.

For e.g. when you “catch” your dog doing something good, provide lots of praise, whether with food, play, or whatever your dog enjoys. I’ve never met a dog who didn’t respond to praise.

Meeting in the Middle

Dogs will be dogs. Take eating feces for example. I know dogs who faster than a speeding… but there is a solution to what is known as coprophagia. Similar to the trash bin; simply make sure the delicacy is unavailable at all times by removing right away.

Fortunately, practice makes perfect. The takeaway is that dogs are so easy to train. All it takes is clear instructions and adjusting your expectations. The result is any dog can become keen on following instructions anywhere, any time, in any environment! … Keen K9 training partners mission is to launch…