The Heart & Science of Keen Dog Training – Keen K9® Dog Training is based on

motivation, communication, science, success! 


In-home sessions take place in or near your home, with training that is not confined to the indoors. Instead we set up a controlled environment outdoors where your keendog has the opportunity to play and learn.  Sessions are short spurts with play between. Sniffing encouraged.

Keen K9® Dog Training is a reward-based positive reinforcement program. We adhere to current standards of modern dog training with rewards rather than punishment. It is currently the gold standard of dog training. Puppies grow into confident keen dogs who with no need to fear what not to do. Instead they learn what is expected. Their behavior leads to good consequences repeated again and again. 


What every dog should know

Keen K9 Mentor Private Dog Training

Keen dog training is designed to encourage effective communication. It is not something that works for some and not others, nor something that requires shocking, choking, or avoidance. Instead training is based on learning theory.  

*Shock and prong collars, choke chains, and other out-dated training tool are not used when training your dog, nor do we believe that such tools are necessary in training your dog to sit, stay, roll over, come, etc.