Keen K9® The Heart & Science of Positive Dog Training – Learning based on motivation, communication, science, success! 


In-home sessions take place in or near your home, with training that is not confined to the indoors. Instead we set up a controlled environment outdoors where your dog has the opportunity to play and learn.  Sessions are short spurts with play between. Sniffing permitted.

When choosing a dog trainer, it is important to understand that not all training methods are alike. You must decide whether you are interested in creating a submissive, fearful dog, or a dog who is happy and well-adjusted. Keen K9® Dog Training is a reward-based positive reinforcement program. We adhere to a standard of modern dog training based on science and humane handling, a standard which goes far beyond that of the average dog trainer.

What every dog should know

Keen K9 Mentor Private Dog Training

The Heart & Science of Positive Dog Training incorporates your dog’s likes and desires. It is designed to develop a common language. No longer will the word 
 training conjure  an image of something that works for some and not others. Instead training becomes part of a trusted relationship; 
a way of life.  
hock collars, prong collars, choke chains, or any other out-dated training method is not used, nor are any such tools necessary.